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A Hero is Born

Natalie's Note: I do not know what's up with our generation's craze with vampires and werewolves and horror movies... what about good old fashioned Justice League and other Super-Friends?

Thank you Jori Millan for indulging my insistent request to write about this. Jori is the Youth Facilitator of MCOF Youth Group and guidance counselor in University of Cebu -Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue (if u have any concerns with all matters moral - ask him. haha.)
Seriously, this guy stands out because of the fact that he separates himself from the rest because of his kindness and  creativity and also because of his deep passion and unwavering commitment to God. 

Superhero Phenomenon: A Hero is born

Ever since I was a kid I really wanted to be a super hero. I’d wish on falling stars a million times hoping that someday there would be a “Great Phenomena” – a bolt of lightning of some sort would struck me and I would have superpowers! Alas, it still hasn’t happen yet… Seriously I really adore superheroes, be it in comics or in television series. 

One time a close family friend asked me a superhero-related-question (but it sounded more like a Ms. Universe Q&A). “If you were to have superpowers what would it be?” I paused and thought for awhile, the question reminded me of my childhood fantasy – to become a superhero.  Then my memory bubble was popped by my friend’s unyielding pushiness. So, I immediately answered “I want to have the same power as with Jean Grey (of X-Men) so I could control everything with my mind.” She replied “I like Wolverine”.

A lot of us think that only persons with superpowers can become superheroes. Well, we still have a few whose “superpowers” are their quick-thinking ability and their physical might and agility. Batman of course would be on top of the list. He has no super strength like “Superman”, high-speed ability like “The Flash”, will-powered ring like “The Green Lantern”, or perhaps “Wonder Woman’s” flying skill. Batman uses his clever thinking, wealth, and inventions and gadgets; and Viola! A hero is born! Just like the Dark Knight, we also have Iron man, Green Arrow, The Punisher, and the like who relies more on their gadgets.
So what makes a hero a Superhero? What could be a superhero’s qualification or Characteristic? Here’s a quick look on my pseudo-research survey I conducted at a school where I work.

The top Five (5) characteristic of a Superhero
1.       Can Save lives. Duh! Why on earth will he be called a hero if he can’t and won’t save lives?
2.       Have supernatural powers. Well, this is just to compensate the villain’s power…
3.       Has Super Strength. They’d be lifting a lot of damsels in distress, might as well have super strength.
4.       Can withstand tremendous pain. There is going to be a “weaking-hero” if he can’t endure pain.
5.       Can Fly. To add a dramatic entrance and exit of the Hero.

You might agree or disagree on the above-mentioned characteristics; but, it does make a lot of sense. To some they would say these are characteristics of a fictitious superhero. But I beg to disagree; the same characteristic or qualification does apply to real life Superheroes. This is the same Characteristic the Superhero that saved me possesses (believe it or not, I was saved by a Superhero!). My Superhero’s name is Jesus Christ.

Just like any other superhero seen on television and read in comics, He CAN and WILL save lives. In fact He was BORN TO SAVE (Luke 2:11) it was even prophesied in Isaiah. Most of our fictitious “superfriends” were born and raised to become ordinary citizens, and it was only during late adulthood that they encountered “an accident” that prompted them to become heroes.
Professor X can read minds and is a telepath, Storm can control the weather, and Cyclops has laser powered eyes. More than the X-Men, Jesus has supernatural powers too. In fact, it’s what we call “Divine Power”. With Christ’s power blind men were able to see (Mark 8:22-25), crippled men made well (Matthew 15:30), the dead rose from the grave (John 11), turn water into wine (John 2) and so much more. He can do everything… with him nothing is impossible.

If Superman is called the “Man of Steel” so is Jesus. Christ has super strength and at the same time able to withstand pain. Jesus carried the Patibulum (the cross bar) all the way to Calvary and archaeology has determined they weighed between 75 and 125 lbs. But it wasn't the weight of the cross that proved his super strength it was the weight of mankind’s Sins which He carried in his Heart. Furthermore, He had psy-war with the Pharisees’ and other government officials, was beaten, whipped, pierced by huge blunt nails, and verbally abused (mocked and put to shame). Yet, he endured them all. Now top that!

And best of all, He knows how to FLY! Oh Yes, you read it correctly (no typographical error) HE CAN FLY! (John 20:17). And a lot of people saw Him ascend into heaven.
Jesus was never born in a fancy hospital and lived in luxury like Professor X. He was born in a manger, but he never lived in misery like Magneto.

Jesus is and forever will be the Greatest Superhero mankind has ever encountered FOR REAL! He is not a fictitious Hero, and was never a byproduct of man’s imagination. He is the Son of the creator of mankind (logically that makes him our creator too). He is the REAL HERO with REAL POWERS that SAVE

our version of local heroes :-D

So what about you - Who is your Hero? Can he be trusted to save you?

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