Wednesday, January 4, 2012

welcome 2012 - resolutions (well, sort of)

If you know me you know that it won't be me  when I say I am ecstatic about 2012 :-D; so the right word to describe what i felt would be that I’m GENUINELY excited about 2012 about what my God has in store for me.
It's a worldwide thought i guess that New Years Resolution lasts only a week and others who are more purposeful lasts longer. There are even those who avoided resolutions on the premise of ‘make no promises, tell no lies’. I am one of those who can't follow through a resolution...Mostly because I bite off more than I can chew and then everything fizzles out....even with that discouraging habit of mine, I still think this is an exciting time of year to set goals and establish new perspectives
So what I'm gonna do is make my New Year’s resolutions this year on broad perspective... I want to establish goals which I believe will lead me to making wiser decisions throughout the 2012.  
Psalm 39.
“Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
Remind me that my days are numbered—
how fleeting my life is.
5 You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand.
My entire lifetime is just a moment to you;
at best, each of us is but a breath.”
Show me, God, my life’s end. Show me the number of my days. Show me how fleeting my life is.

I want to live in 2012 with the awareness that my days are numbered.
Like everyone else I can get caught up in trying to rush through life acquiring things, trying to attain security, and achieving meaningless goals our culture has deemed worthy.  But so many of the things I focus on and worry about are simply futile.
I waste time regretting things from the past I can’t change. I settle for mediocrity trying to avoid difficult decisions and conversations. I get consumed with trying to be loved instead of loving others. I squander precious moments trying to control things I can’t control.
I don’t want that to be my life. 
So this year I’m making a resolution, a commitment, a promise to view my life differently.
I pray it will help me love deeper, pray harder, focus more intently, and seek to make the greatest impact with my one and only life that I possibly can.
And... Tada!!!
1) Read More. I've always been a book worm but lately a lot of non-sense has taken my time. Surf Less. This means less time in any sites which does not enrich me mentally and spiritually... or better yet, less time online. Period. (lol)
2) Eat healthy (eat more) - gain weight. Exercise more. I know being genetically thin doesn't mean that i have to be lazy and that i can eat all the junk food and calorie-overwhelming food that i want. This also means less coffee and soda (gracious goodness!)
3) Give more. Giving is a gift... i have to develop this attitude. Spend less. This needs a lot of work. 
4) Involvement.  In church, with friends, my family and at work. Be more open with others (though i have no idea how to do that)
5.)Worry Less. This is not easy... i do think i'm a pessimist. I know right? a christian isn't supposed to be this (more work for me). Pray More. 
6) Be grateful. For everything.
7) Journal Consistently. Read my Bible in a systematic way (re-learn my theology) and write about what God has impressed in my heart. 
8) Learn HTML and CSS (desperately want to...hopefully somebody will come forth and make an offer)
I still have a lot more written in my journal but this are the stuff that I'm comfortable sharing for now. I know, I know --- this will take a lot of effort (and that's just putting it lightly- whew!) and also i'll be begging for God's grace every step of the way. But i truly am excited about this and pray that God will help me through


Anonymous said...

okay, nang, ah. be sure enough to do all of these.

Mikwen said...

hi natty, just surprised i have a blogspot acct gli way back 2008 pa, i never got a chance to post a blog here because of multiply.. i used this to view my frends acct a long time ago. its been years since i last blogged, i am considering blogspot over multiply now. it's really nice to see u've been writing frequently. 'hope to read many more from u

ngpaloma said...

kwen, don't stop writing.. nice gid k kaau mga ideas.. as in. nag try try ko kay daw sadya. ham ot ko gani basa sa mga previous ko na blogs kay damo errors. haha. pero cge lang. daw ka liberaating sometimes... ikaw ya u have a gift for it. so don't stop.