Friday, January 20, 2012

rain on me, reign on me

okay, I said to myself, I'll take a cat nap just until it stops raining.... 2 hours after the "cat nap" it's still at it... so i changed my clothes and prepare for a long evening... i slept around 9:30pm and when i woke up .... TADA! its still pouring rain!... nearly 72 hours, give or take a few.

much too much? don't think so...

im a rain lover, well really if the weather is cool and breezy im sure to love it. a friend before told me that she doesnt care for rainy season as she feels rather melancholic if its raining... not me! love rainy seasons... "rainy days and mondays" does not get me down!

it has been raining a lot these days... climate change i guess. wet season that was supposed to have come and gone september to december is invading new year and im sure will stay until febuary... who knows ... we cannot predict the weather these days - they give us no heads up like the olden days :-D

rain always represents dull days, cloudy moments, extreme trials, life in a duldrom and many other "down moments"

"Smile when you're spinning round and round
Sigh as you think about tomorrow
Make a vow that your gonna be happy again

It's all right in your life no more rain"

he rather mean that its okay if youre gray and melancholy and is wishing for "no more rain".

there was a time before when i would wallow in self pity and desperation because i cant seem to  grasp the purpose that i know i should live for - i WISH and PRAY for the future to come.

and now the future is here. one ive longed and wished for -- not much exciting as i have hoped for but definitely more interesting in comparison to my past.

raining, if i agree and let it mean trial and testing,  so early in my life has helped shaped my character and the way i see things... it has strengthen my faith and me as a person and pushed me to trust and depend on Someone who knows my future wayyyyyy more than i could.

So do i want drizzle?

Certainly not! (My God, before i say the next sentence i want full immunity and total guidance and pretocetion... i know, i know you're already on it but it does not hurt to say it again. LOL)

I want a torrential rain!!!

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