Friday, August 28, 2009

I am Old

I was sitting in a coffee shop quietly drinking a frapuccino i just ordered when I was interrupted with a piercing yell from somebody in front of me. I looked around greatly embarrassed that my name was “announced” so loudly; I stared straight at the person who just did it ready to be angry…but I feel like a yell was also about to come gushing out of my throat when I realized it was my long lost (young) friend (which by the way doesn’t look so young anymore)…goodness!! Times flies by really fast. How come she looks so grown up and ladylike?…she even speak and act like one!!! How long has it been?! Seven, Eight…maybe six years ago? Oh, my! I can’t remember!!! Am i old?

Anyway, after exchanging hugs, kisses and other political pleasantries (actually the joy I felt seeing her wasn’t feigned nor political…they’re genuine) I ask her about common acquaintances and friends and her family, she said that all is well…Blah…blah…And then she asked me the two questions dreaded by all singletons, “Ate Nat, are you married?, How old are you? Duh!!

How old am I? “Still young enough… dear”, I answered her and I smile sweetly to assure her that I may be old but hey, I’m not ancient…yet…ha-ha. Her question though simple pushed me to look deeper why most people my age felt pressured and yes, embarrassed (I’m not alone) every time this questions arises.

According to Max Lucado’s friend there are three things people should do in order to stay young. Firstly, eat healthy, secondly, exercise regularly, and thirdly lie about your age. Not a very godly advice, that last one.

So, when did I realize I’m old? Did I miss the tell-tale signs? No. I knew and was acutely aware because people call me Ate (even those that look a lot older than I am!), I have carved fats on my back even though i am skinny, small moles appear on my face and neck, I call everyone “gang”, and almost all of my friends and family advices (force) me to get married soon or else forfeit the blessings of child bearing and rearing (never mind the sleepless nights and zombie like days it will cause you), also I cant jump as high nor run as fast, even worst I have an affinity for old music, movies and old books.

But as my 29th birthday (yes i am 29 even though I look 28…lol) is fast approaching I am rather encourage that the Bible (which our guide and standard for living…defensive I know) views old age as the age of the wise. As one add years to her life one learns from experiences, good or bad, and it makes one stronger, wiser and even shrewder (Be wise as a serpent and humble as a dove). Youthfulness is always associated with vigor and even energy but with it also comes foolish decisions and miscalculated actions. Old age is look upon as the more mature age but also sluggish in a way.But which one is better being young or being old? Just as the springs role is different from that of the fall, so each season of our lives has a different emphasis, focus, and beauty. One is not better than the other (but preferableJ)….each yeilds its own unique treasures. I could not say that one season of my life is better than the other. Josh Harris said, “One age of our lives is not better than the other, each season builds on the one before it”. I agree with him completely J

So in conclusion, let me just say this with total intensity and deep conviction… I am old - more mature - I have grown physically (thank God), developed mentally and have changed for the better. I have matured and “with it comes the ability to assess things with objective eyes”. I can say that in my 28 years, all those hardships, struggles mistakes, failures…every happiness, fulfillments, joys and victories has created the person I am now. I wanted and longed for more…. but hey, the season of my life is still unfolding - who knows - I may yet be a LEGEND :)

(Created: October 28, 2008)

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