Friday, August 28, 2009

Objectivity or Emotion?

Objectivity. Nice word. Dignified. So professional. So…. Objetive. It means the ability to perceive or describe something without being influenced by emotions or prejudices. Sounds attractive. Simple. Straightforward. But in my case sooooo hard. I mean one of my motto’s in life is to not let my emotions cloud my judgment. But this has not been true in many case. I mean i tried… hard… and in many times…. i failed. There are people who says that we must use the power of our reasoning so we can be objective and there are also those who suggest that we let go and let our emotion guide us into happiness. But which is really which, objectivity or emotion? I have win over emotion many times and been objective… Yehey! but i have also done somethings guided by my emotions and prejudices….

There is one truth that i know though that many a times actions prompted by emotions and feelings can be biased, morally deficient, and lack the standards that our Lord requires. On the other objective actions can only be done if a person thinks through and through and is guided by the ultimate standard for life and morality which is God’s Word.

So i think (my opinion okay, u can have yours and publish it) that we can use a generous amount of emotions and be objective about it. I mean as long as were mature enough to assess things… weigh all the options and differing opinions (it matters believe me) we can arrive in a certain agreeable conclusions…agreeable to us…… (to be continued)

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