Friday, August 28, 2009

If Only

A dear friend said to me one day
Have you heard yourself talk recently?
Your sentences end with words like “there’s no possibility”
And your grammars filled with “if only”
If only I have the power like Jean Grey
Imagine the things I can change through my mind
If only I have the influence of the best journalist
Imagine I can affect the way people think
If only I have the prominence and authority of a President
Imagine the change and impact I can do for my country
If only I can…then maybe I will…
Heal all the broken hearted
Bring back families who are separated
Maybe cure all hearts that are hurting
And so stop all the crying?
If only I have lots of money, then I will…
Feed all the hungry
Provide jobs for the needy
Care for the sickly
And maybe eliminate all signs of poverty
But I don’t have the power
The pesos in my pockets are fewer
My chances and opportunities are small, limited and far between
I am not mighty or strong
I cannot do anything on my own
In reality what I can do does not reach even a small percent of what I wish
In reality I struggle with my own limitations and insecurities
In reality I am overwhelmed by doubts and weaknesses
In reality I am immobilized by fear and failure
There are times I wish I am smarter, oozing with wisdom and maybe even shrewder
That I am more graceful and dripping wet with confidence
But then I was reminded of a few things
That God uses us not because we are mighty or pretty
Not because we are tall, strong or witty
But because we have the heart and the attitude
That is willing to say yes to any God given opportunity
Yes, I am not all that
Maybe, I will never be what I wish or want to be
But this I know and am sure of
My life is much more beautiful and secure
If I let my God rule over me
Use me and guide me and mold me
Not into a hero I would want myself to be
But into a person he has created wonderfully
“If Only” is not my chant anymore
I can leave things to the hands of the father I adore
I know in my heart and in my soul
That if I cannot trace the dark paths ahead
I can trust his heart instead

(Created: December 4, 2008)


Joremillan said...

you wrote this? if so, VERY NICE!

ngpaloma said...

thank you Jor... naover man ka oi... so na gani, very pa gyud :D lol